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As OTAKU Aviation, we offer consultancy, business solutions and solution partnership on each and every area that you need help in regard to the aviation industry.

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Flight Management

Otaku Aviation, which was established in Ankara in 2015 to bring a breath of fresh air to the aviation industry, manages all operational flight activities that will be performed within Eurasia Airshow 2018, including display planning and coordination in the first place. (

The flight director of the Eurasia Airshow is the Finnish pilot Perttu Karivalo, who is part of OTAKU Aviation and has 10 years of experience in air show management. During the flight management process, Arto Tervonen, who previously worked in various air shows with Karivalo, accompanies to him. At the head of all aerial photography activities of the Eurasia Airshow, there stands Özkan Üner, one of the most important figures of Turkish Aerial Photography.

Organize Airshows and Festivals

As OTAKU Aviation, we bring a breath of fresh air to air show industry that is developing in Turkey, by receiving consultancy on aviation from acknowledged experts. While managing air show organizations,down to the last detail, by our disciplined and principled approach; we try to pass the passion for aviation to the new generations.

Air Show Team Coordination

We get in touch  with the local and foreign display teams, manage the negotiation process with them, and generate solutions for both the display teams and the event owners.

Static and Flying Show Coordination

We determine where the aircrafts will be positioned in a well-organized and extensive floor plan and how they will be moving inside the field,emergency action plan, and the reactional behaviours of the crisis units. We provide planning and management on the aircraft fuelling. We know that what is more important than an air show is the safety of that air show. Therefore, we determine and coordinate all aspects of the safety management and security planning by applying the safety and control standards completely at all levels and by putting these standards is of critical importance.

Airspace and Flight Operations Management

We determine the bureaucratic, administrative and technical necessities, and ensure that the flight operations take place in a safe, regular and candescent way by the help of our experienced consultants and crew which have comprehensive knowledge of the relevant regulations.

As OTAKU Aviation, we bring a breath of fresh air to aviation industry

Aerial and Flight Photography

We combine the passion for photography with the passion for aviation, throw the amateur and professional people, who share this passion, together and provide education and consultancy to those who want to improve themselves regarding aviation photography. We zoom the sky!

Sportive Aviation Services

We provide a roof for those who want to live their passion for aviation by keeping the amateur spirit, whoregret not completing the flying experience in their bucket list and who want to get professional in the fields of air sports such as parachuting, gliding, aeromodelling, etc.

International Aviation Fair and Tour Organizations

We provide an excellent and complete air show and expo experience to the individuals and institutions that want to visit the international air shows.

Consultancy on Aircraft Renting, Purchasing and Sales

We provide consultancy on renting, buying and/or selling an aircraft by the help of our knowledge, experience and the solution partners that we collaborate.

Ground Services

Not only in the sky, but also on the ground we continue the passion for aviation by determining all the necessary and/or needed ground services and managing this process by the help of accurate (proper) collaborations.

Avionic Tests and Evaluations

We generate effective solutions for test approaches based on flight safety and efficiency, which are the spirit of aeronautics. We are ready to be your solution partner with our field experience and avionic testing process mastery.

We are ready to be your solution partner

As OTAKU Aviation, we bring a breath of fresh air to aviation industry

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